Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Plilly event #4

Philly SCCA R/T Tuning Solo Summer Series Event #4 [Jun-04 02:19:17]

Junior Kart A
12JAMaunz, Ronnie38.56038.06137.65736.787
pax: 6 (-0.486)2013 Sodi Kart Celes
212JASchaible, Victoria38.56737.34037.821+137.340
pax: 10 (-0.964)CRG Kart Forza
3121JACampbell, Robbie38.48038.33738.513+137.441
pax: 12 (-1.051)1999 CRG Kart kalifo
411JAAzzara, Ethan38.44038.43938.37747.827+X
pax: 24 (-1.860)2014 Margay Kart Bra
55JABangs, Kate46.81044.71244.76843.559
pax: 90 (-6.337)Birel Kart
615JASirota, Ben48.82248.14150.18645.978
pax: 112 (-8.427)

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