Monday, January 29, 2018

The 2018 Philly season is set. The following are the dates for the Philly Region SCCA Solo events.

Here are our dates for events as of the date shown above. I'll update this post as dates firm up.
WCP April 8 Annual "Rust Off" (Test N Tune)
WCP April 22
WCP May 6
WFC May 20*
WCP June 2 (Novice School)
WCP June 3
WFC July 1*
WCP July 14 & 15
OVM August 12
WCP August 19
WFC August 25 &/or 26*
WCP September 16
WCP October 7
* tentative but on the site owner's calendar and reserved for Philly region.
WCP = Warminster Community Park
WFC = Wells Fargo Center
OVM = Oxford Valley Mall

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