Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Philadelphia Region SCCA 2017 RT Tuning Solo Series Event 1 - Sun 04-23-2017  

JA - 'Junior Kart A' - Total Entries: 6 Trophies: 2Car ColorTimesTotal
1TmJA12Schaible, VictoriaCRG Kart ForzaYellow36.14935.99340.208+635.71935.719
382594Really Cool Parents[-]0.197
2TmJA2Maunz, Ronnie2013 Sodi Kart CelestaBlack38.53736.22336.487+135.91635.916
467711Lucas Oil Products, Acceleration Kart Racing & Advantage Graphic Design+0.197
3JA6Fiorani, Nicholas38.123+DNF36.07239.03137.83236.072
4 mJA11Azzara, Ethan2014 Margay Kart Brav 1.15ckRed37.55837.10136.87436.68636.686
441769Corrinne Caldwell and Family+0.614
5 mJA5Bangs, KateBirel Kartred45.16341.90041.70640.83040.830
6 mJA121Campbell, Robbie1999 CRG Kart kalifornia

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