Monday, May 21, 2018

Philly Region SCCA Solo event #3 Wells Fargo Center.
Ronnie got the win in FJA class with a 42.260 over Matt who did some super driving getting a 42.550. Robbie was just behind Matt by .015 of a second.

The jetting was perfect, but I fell short on picking the right gears. We left a lot of time out there. He got 9th fastest time of the day out of 109 drivers.

We're still fighting the oversteer issue, but we're getting it dialed in.

This is Ronnie's best run of the day.

Sunday's Junior Karters

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ronnie had a great day @ Mohegan Sun. It was wet in the morning, and he had the fastest time in that session. In the afternoon session he was bumped back to 7th place, but he was running last on the track. He needed to pick up more then 2.814 seconds to beat the 55.900 time. It was dry at that point so we put the slicks on. He laid down 3 fantastic runs 55.537, 55.208, then his last run 54.916 for the 3 fastest times of the day.

This was his best run.

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Fast times


Monday, May 7, 2018

Next event will be with NEPA
May 12, 2018
Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza
255 Highland Park Blvd
Wilkes-Barre Township, PA 18702
The chassis change worked great. Ronnie got the win at the Philly SCCA Solo event #2 in FJA class, getting 4th in raw time & 5th in PAX out of 94 drivers.

Junior Kart A
12JAMaunz, Ronnie37.18941.21936.26640.813
pax: 5 (-0.673)2013 Sodi Kart Clest36.034
211JAFiorani, Nicholas41.40339.27538.46837.872
pax: 11 (-1.657)37.184
312JACampbell, Robbie38.36142.97237.406+137.760+2
pax: 14 (-2.028)1999 CRG Kart kalifo37.618
472JABangs, Matt42.980+138.29347.365+238.358+1
pax: 17 (-2.294)-- Karts bandit37.930
55JABangs, Kate43.98040.81840.48343.357
pax: 47 (-4.477)Birel Kart43.436
641JAGallucci, Vincent54.27750.98046.86245.566+1
pax: 73 (-7.650)2010 Birel Kart44.194
736JASirota, Ben52.36250.18346.36745.605
pax: 77 (-8.322)2008 CRG Kart44.980
Junior Kart B
127JBHouliaras, Nicholas43.490+X42.47545.835+239.998
pax: 23 (-2.863)CRG Kart Forza44.423
217JBRichter, Madelyn58.937+X53.156+X53.267+X54.528+X
pax: 97 (-968.864)2001 -- Karts Coyote54.454+X
Junior Kart C
17JCHouliaras, Jacob52.27751.18656.62257.458
pax: 69 (-6.616)2006 Coyote Kid Kart175.900

Raw Results (May-06 02:37:27)
#ClsDriverRawPAXDiff.To First
12FMSchaible, Pete34.06430.7940.0000.000
211KMAzzara, Ethan35.59133.0281.5271.527
337KMHouliaras, Christos35.74133.1680.1501.677
42JAMaunz, Ronnie36.03430.8090.2931.970
51KMAzzara, Alex36.24633.6360.2122.182
6111FMRosenberg, Steven36.66933.1490.4232.605
723STRBorkey, Bryan37.09730.5310.4283.033
811JAFiorani, Nicholas37.18431.7920.0873.120
912JACampbell, Robbie37.61832.1630.4343.554
1072JABangs, Matt37.93032.4300.3123.866

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sunday Warminster PA event #2 Philly region SCCA Solo

Moved the rear track in 1/2 inch, 1/4 per side. Rear torsion at 12:00
That should give him more rear grip.

A long awaited update Part 1

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