Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 13th 2017 NEPA event #7 Pocono Raceway
Ronnie took 1st place in class with a 71.973, 7th in raw time & 16th in pax.

It was a rain event. This is a rear view from his GoPro.

This is his best run of the day in the dry with the wet tires.

Timing By: AXWare SystemsYour source For Competition Timing
NEPA - #7 - Pocono 7/13/17 - Thu 07-13-2017
Final Raw Time Results
Timed Entries: 67
Raw Pos.Pos.Class#DriverCar ModelRaw TimeDiff.From 1st
11asp3Hockenbury, Cory11 BMW 1M69.7140.0000.000
21str23Koback, Adam05 Honda S200069.9140.2000.200
31smf183Bower, Andrew90 Honda Civic70.7500.8361.036
41km031Gromel, Cody84 Margay Sr-1670.9970.2471.283
51stu18Fink, Paul15 BMW M235i71.2440.2471.530
62stu8Ling, Peter15 BMW M235i71.3980.1541.684
71ja2Maunz, Ronald13 Sodi Celesta71.9730.5752.259
82asp103Hockenbury, Ryan11 BMW 1M72.0980.1252.384
93asp21Mertz, John07 Subaru Sti73.1341.0363.420
102str5302Pingarelli, Robert06 Mazda Miata73.1880.0543.474
113str44Barto, Kenneth02 Honda S200073.7440.5564.030
122ja121Campbell, Robbie99 CRG Kalifornia73.7580.0144.044
134str88Pittenger, Jeremy05 Honda S200073.8430.0854.129
141fsp91Hirschtritt, ian91 Nissan Nx200073.8450.0024.131
151bsp25Shea, Michael04 Mazda Miata73.8860.0414.172
164asp24Pittenger, Justin11 Nissan 370z73.9110.0254.197
171bs97Haydu, Chris05 Honda S200074.0050.0944.291
182bsp13Tinder, Evan95 BMW M374.2520.2474.538
191ssp11Savage, David16 Chevy Corvette Zo674.4570.2054.743
201fs44Sullivan SR, Mike05 BMW M374.6000.1434.886
213bsp5Meyer, Matthew04 Mazda Miata74.7440.1445.030
221esp32Long, Guy12 Ford Mustang74.7690.0255.055
235str47Nahill, Christopher00 Honda S200075.4090.6405.695
242smf344Edwards, jay96 Honda Civic75.6030.1945.889
251es11Montella, LouMR-S75.8400.2376.126
261gs1Bastian Jr, Ronald E16 Ford Focus ST75.8400.0006.126
271sts85Wozniak, Jeff89 Mazda Rx-776.5400.7006.826
281camt85Storm, Rob87 Ford Mustang 4cyl76.5520.0126.838
291camc315Griggs, Carlton09 Ford Mustang76.7310.1797.017
301stf14Sullivan, Michael05 Acura RSX Type S76.7450.0147.031
312camt05Redden, David84 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS77.4340.6897.720
326str81Walter, David08 Honda S200077.4730.0397.759
331sm43Heseman, Jessie99 BMW M377.4920.0197.778
341fm66Gorski, jon93 Lynx C77.7280.2368.014
357str998Huang, Yiling01 Honda S200077.8110.0838.097
364bsp3Diaz, David88 Mazda Rx777.8200.0098.106
371xp46Cuprisin, John81 Chevrolet Corvette77.8270.0078.113
385asp34Bibik, Justin91 Toyota Mr277.8610.0348.147
392bs67Mangicaro, Mark01 BMW M Roadster77.8650.0048.151
401csp2Kuehner, Ryan1993 Mazda Miata78.5650.7008.851
412stf711Wolpert, Geoff98 Volvo V7078.7230.1589.009
422es9Melhus, Zachary01 Mazda Miata78.8730.1509.159
438str20MacDonald, Kevin10 Mazda Mx-579.1400.2679.426
441ds128Zern, Matt13 Subaru Brz79.4190.2799.705
452sts181Ngo, Albert97 Mazda Putt-Putt Miata79.6010.1829.887
462gs23Brennan, Joe16 VW GTI79.7650.16410.051
471stx992Collins, Bob09 Scooby Cone Slayer79.7670.00210.053
483sts30Popeck, Jason90 Honda Civic80.4200.65310.706
492ds91Savage, Daryl17 sub wrx81.4531.03311.739
509str999Salzman, Curtis95 Madzda Miata81.9770.52412.263
512sm3Schaeffer, Nick92 Nissan 240sx82.5400.56312.826
523stf211Rynkiewicz, Mike13 Dodge Dart82.5830.04312.869
534sts18Colton, Derek97 Mazda Putt Putt Miata82.9880.40513.274
541cs16Scarpelli, Keith1998 BMW M384.2431.25514.529
553camt201Redden, Derek74 Chevy Nova SS84.4060.16314.692
563gs25Horn, Kevin16 Ford Focus ST84.4370.03114.723
573stu999Tsoukanov, Konstantin16 Ford Focus85.3980.96115.684
583sm44Osifat, Kyle06 Subaru Legacy85.4080.01015.694
593ds1Capece, Jason20 Subaru Brz86.1610.75316.447
603es15Streever, Dick92 Mazda Miata86.5510.39016.837
615sts7Gagnon, Ty2012 Chevrolet Sonic86.7980.24717.084
624gs76Rymell, Jason07 Subaru Impreza Wagon86.8830.08517.169
634es18Makos, Bernard19 Mazda Miata91.7564.87322.042
641esl33Baylor, Sarah91 Mazda Miata92.0900.33422.376
651hs56Maloney, Hugh07 Ford Focus94.5332.44324.819
661cspl627Millard, Ruth03 Mazda Miata94.7230.19025.009
671hsl156Maloney, Kelly07 Ford Focus104.5509.82734.836
681as5Prudente, John12 Chevrolet Corvette Z06dnf

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