Monday, August 14, 2017

Ronnie got the win in class at the Philly SCCA Solo event #8 Oxford Valley Mall.
He won in class with a 41.513 over a 42.587 by Robbie.
4th in raw time of the 106 drivers.

This was his best run of the day.

This is Ronnie vs Robbie.

Junior Kart A
12JAMaunz, Ronnie49.03842.83341.76841.707
pax: 17 (-1.434)2013 Sodi Kart Celes41.513
2121JACampbell, Robbie44.48142.99242.58743.202
pax: 31 (-2.362)1999 CRG Kart kalifo43.199
35JABangs, Kate48.65946.50649.414+148.924
pax: 63 (-5.372)Birel Kart49.625+146.071
415JASirota, Ben56.54552.72550.74351.679
pax: 91 (-7.495)Birel Kart48.528

Raw Results (Aug-13 04:00:53)
#ClsDriverRawPAXDiff.To First
123KMGaydos, Jason39.29136.8940.0000.000
218KMHouliaras, Christos39.39236.9890.1010.101
35BSPMeyer, Matthew40.36734.4330.9751.076
42JAMaunz, Ronnie41.51335.8671.1462.222
569STRFineberg, Michael41.73534.6400.2222.444
6198AMSensi, Kevin41.79141.7910.0562.500
7178STSDiMarco, Rich42.16434.4900.3732.873
882STSDonovan, Kevin42.23934.5520.0752.948
98KMRichter, William42.30339.7230.0643.012
109LSTRFlannagan, Elisabeth42.47735.2560.1743.186
11121JACampbell, Robbie42.58736.7950.1103.296
1278STSShea, Michael42.59034.8390.0033.299
1323STRBorkey, Bryan42.67435.4190.0843.383
1452ASPVassallo, Andrew42.79236.6300.1183.501
159STRYe, Yingda42.81135.5330.0193.520
1684ASFerguson, Matt43.05235.2600.2413.761
1771DSSimmons, Eric43.18034.5870.1283.889
1872JBBangs, Matt43.60536.3670.4254.314
1925BSTaggart, Darian43.61135.4560.0064.320
2093DSBerrodin, Steven43.66034.9720.0494.369

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