Monday, May 7, 2018

The chassis change worked great. Ronnie got the win at the Philly SCCA Solo event #2 in FJA class, getting 4th in raw time & 5th in PAX out of 94 drivers.

Junior Kart A
12JAMaunz, Ronnie37.18941.21936.26640.813
pax: 5 (-0.673)2013 Sodi Kart Clest36.034
211JAFiorani, Nicholas41.40339.27538.46837.872
pax: 11 (-1.657)37.184
312JACampbell, Robbie38.36142.97237.406+137.760+2
pax: 14 (-2.028)1999 CRG Kart kalifo37.618
472JABangs, Matt42.980+138.29347.365+238.358+1
pax: 17 (-2.294)-- Karts bandit37.930
55JABangs, Kate43.98040.81840.48343.357
pax: 47 (-4.477)Birel Kart43.436
641JAGallucci, Vincent54.27750.98046.86245.566+1
pax: 73 (-7.650)2010 Birel Kart44.194
736JASirota, Ben52.36250.18346.36745.605
pax: 77 (-8.322)2008 CRG Kart44.980
Junior Kart B
127JBHouliaras, Nicholas43.490+X42.47545.835+239.998
pax: 23 (-2.863)CRG Kart Forza44.423
217JBRichter, Madelyn58.937+X53.156+X53.267+X54.528+X
pax: 97 (-968.864)2001 -- Karts Coyote54.454+X
Junior Kart C
17JCHouliaras, Jacob52.27751.18656.62257.458
pax: 69 (-6.616)2006 Coyote Kid Kart175.900

Raw Results (May-06 02:37:27)
#ClsDriverRawPAXDiff.To First
12FMSchaible, Pete34.06430.7940.0000.000
211KMAzzara, Ethan35.59133.0281.5271.527
337KMHouliaras, Christos35.74133.1680.1501.677
42JAMaunz, Ronnie36.03430.8090.2931.970
51KMAzzara, Alex36.24633.6360.2122.182
6111FMRosenberg, Steven36.66933.1490.4232.605
723STRBorkey, Bryan37.09730.5310.4283.033
811JAFiorani, Nicholas37.18431.7920.0873.120
912JACampbell, Robbie37.61832.1630.4343.554
1072JABangs, Matt37.93032.4300.3123.866

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